The nitty gritty fine print

For Standard Designs

You can pick any font style you want that I have shown on my Featured Font Page.

Some fonts have A-Z and some fonts have A-Z + 0-9 so if you want numbers, they may be from a different font than the one you picked.

10 letters/numbers is included in the package price but additional letters/numbers can be added for $10/each.

For Custom Designs

Check all my custom design samples so you have a good idea of what you can expect to get. I have my own style that I've refined for 30+ years and I have no intention to draw in somebody else's style so only show me your inspirational picks for color scheme ideas.

If you have more than 10 letters in your design I might add a price for that.
Remember that everything I need to draw is a lot of work, first sketches, revisions, digital transfer, layout, colors, details and so on.

What does the Exclusive and Non-exclusive copyrights entail?

Non-Exclusive vs Exclusive: The only difference is that with Non-exclusive we (MindGem Graphics) retain the right to produce, sell, alter, print or publish the same or variations of the design you also get copyrights for.

For Exclusive copyrights we sell our rights to you meaning that we can only publish the artwork as part of promotion for our design service. We will not sell, print or publish your design in any other way.

What are you allowed to do with your copyright?

You are allowed to print/publish for commercial and private use.
You are allowed to print the design on an End Product such as a t-shirt and sell that for profit.

You're Not allowed to sell the design itself as the end product meaning you can't sell the design
to a third party. The copyright belongs to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Our copyrights are unlimited in time.


Q: Is this Vector Graphics or Bitmap graphics?
A: This is Bitmap graphics. I don't provide vector nodes. (You're free to convert to vectors yourself though)

Q: What about copyrights?
A: You'll get non-exclusive copyright with any standard design and custom character design.
FOr custom text designs you'll get Exclusive copyright.

Exclusive copyright can be purchased for $100 USD for Standard designs

Q: Will I be able to edit the design later?
A: Yes* For Standard designs your text, background and character will be separated but flatten within themselves
meaning you can't edit elements within the design or move a single letter around but you can replace
the background or edit the layout later.

For Custom designs all elements will be on separate layer so you'll have full control.

Q: Can I have some letters in lower case and some in upper case?
A: Most of my Standard fonts have A-Z or a-z, rarely both upper case and lower case but if you are OK with mixing fonts for your design, then sure.

(For custom designs you can get anything you want)

Q: Is the design big enough for a t-shirt print or a canvas print?
A: Indeed. For Standard Designs your final image is approximately 4000px X 4000px in 300dpi
Each letter is approximately 575x800pixels / 5x8 cm / 2x3 inches big in 300dpi.

For Custom Designs your original file is about 15000px at 300dpi. Large enough for about 3meter/ 10feet print
without notable quality loss.
(Note that this is Bitmap, same as photographs so images will lose quality when blown up larget than the original)

Q: What does dpi stand for?
A: Dots Per Inch (How many pixels there are within a square inch).

Q: Do I get prints with this design?
A: Not from me, I only draw the design for you and send over the high resolution files
to you so you can print it locally on canvas, t-shirts, vinyl or whatever you can think of.

Q: How long does it take to get my design made?
A: I can usually have it done for you the same day but expect 3 business day turnover.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like the design?
A: You only pay 50% up front and the remainder upon approval and delivery.
The initial 50% is non-refundable due to the work I put in for your design.
Should you in the unlikely event be unhappy then you don't have to pay the final 50%.

Q: I don't have a Paypal account, what can I do?
A: No problem, just let me know and I'll send over an invoice provided
by Paypal you can pay with any major credit cards.

Q: Can I purchase a character only?
A: Only for Custom characters. For my featured characters I require you to purchase a text design.
I prefer not to have my characters end up in unwanted contexts or as mascots for products with ugly logotypes.


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